talking together

Speech Pathology

Talking Together Speech Pathology is an independent practice which offers assessment and therapy services for preschool and early primary school aged (0-8yrs) children.

Professional guidance and individualised support is available in the
areas of:
Language delays / disorders

Social skills / language
Developmental delays
Articulation / speech sound difficulties


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Talking Together Speech Pathology is committed to working closely with parents through a family centred approach to help make a significant difference to the communication skills of your child.  We have a strong belief in working as a team with family and other involved professionals for the best outcomes for your child.

No referral is needed for appointments for children accessing Speech Pathology services.  If you are requiring a language and pragmatic assessment to contribute to a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, a Paediatrician referral is recommended.


We're here to help your child learn and grow.